Python - Rendering multiple stacked vtkImageData in 2D


Right to the point:
I’ve got several vtkImageData stored in an array. I want to take slice from each image and render them on top of each other.
I also need to be able to set different images active and inactive.

When I’m displaying just 1 image I’m using the vtkImageViewer2 and setting the correct slice and the position of the slice as I need it.

Now I need something similar but with several images on top of each other.
I stumbled across the vtkImageStack during my research but it needs a vtkImageSlice as input for the AddImage and I don’t reall know how I would get that from my imageData in the correct way.
I also don’t know how the render the resulting image from the stack into my render window.

Got multiple images and need to render slices from them on top of each other. How?

Thanks for your help.
Greatly appreciated.