Pyvista subplot with VRML

I am trying to use Pyvista to plot two VRML files next to each other using Pyvista’s subplot. However, the two files are overlaid on each other in the first subplot, as shown with the teapot and sextant files with the following code

import pyvista as pv
from pyvista import examples

pl = pv.Plotter(shape=(1, 2))
sextant_file = examples.vrml.download_sextant()
pl.subplot(0, 1)
teapot_file = examples.vrml.download_teapot()

Is there any way to avoid this?


@simon.rit, this looks like a bug in PyVista. I recommend reporting it here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Done, Pyvista subplot with VRML · Issue #4475 · pyvista/pyvista · GitHub. Thanks!

Thanks for posting there! After actually looking at this now, you may have posted in the right spot. It appears to be an issue with vtkVRMLImporter and it forcing the import on the first renderer of the render window… might be a bug or missing feature in VTK actually

Seems this needs to be fixed in both VTK and in PyVista