QQuickVTKInteractorAdapter.cxx:110:59: error: no matching function for call to ‘QWheelEvent

Am trying to build the latest, stable download (9.1.0) on Redhat Linux. Encounter the following build error:

Vtk/VTK-9.1.0/GUISupport/QtQuick/QQuickVTKInteractorAdapter.cxx: In member function ‘void QQuickVTKInteractorAdapter::QueueWheelEvent(QQuickItem*, QWheelEvent*)’:
/home/rmartz/Downloads/Vtk/VTK-9.1.0/GUISupport/QtQuick/QQuickVTKInteractorAdapter.cxx:110:59: error: no matching function for call to ‘QWheelEvent::QWheelEvent(QPointF, QPointF, QPoint, QPoint, Qt::MouseButtons, Qt::KeyboardModifiers, Qt::ScrollPhase, bool, Qt::MouseEventSource)’
e->modifiers(), e->phase(), e->inverted(), e->source());

I’ve selected to build RELEASE, Documentation, Examples, and Qt5. CMake finds all of the appropriate Qt5 libs. I have Qt 5.9.7 installed. Am using gcc 4.8.5

All of this appears to be in the list of supported functionality.

Can someone help me with this?

It seems we’re missing a condition in that module; I think it requires 5.12. @sankhesh

Is there a fix for this beyond trying to install a newer version of Qt? I’m on an institutional computer using Redhat Enterprise Linux. Trying to upgrade on this type of system is administratively difficult – until Redhat does so with their distro.

If you don’t need QtQuick support, you can just turn it off. Should be VTK_MODULE_ENABLE_VTK_GUISupportQtQuick=NO, but it’ll show up in as an advanced variable too.

The minimum supported Qt version for VTK is 5.12. It would be best to disable the QtQuick module based as Ben suggested.

That worked. Thanks!

That doesn’t seem to be correctly documented anywhere. In the Documentation/dev/build.md file under the Optional dependencies section it says:


  • Version 5.9 or newer

Thanks for pointing it out @BlueKnight7. That document needs to be updated.