QT6.2 + VTK9.1 compile failed

hi friends:
when I try to compile QT6.2 with VTK9.1 on windows 10, had encounter so much diffcult, event though I had enable VTK_GROUP_ENABLE_QT and set the QT version as 6!
thank you very much in advance for your respond!!
Issue 1:
when I compile some thirdpart moudle, I always encount the error: in archive is not an object

Issue 2
the thirdpart moudle of jsoncpp always pending at below status:

Issue 3

I compile the VTK with command " mingw32-make.exe -j 21 -B", it pending at below status, no matter how long elapsed, it has no progress !!

Hmm. It seems you are making a static build? MinGW is not all that well tested, its static build even less so. Can you see in the task manager what process(es) are working when it is stalled?

@jschueller Any thoughts?

thank you so much for your reply, and I had given up to build VTK with mingW, it is so diffcult.
thank you again!!