Question About Activiz versions

Hi All,
i am new to vtk and i have tasks in C# project that uses ActiViz
what i found in the user guide that Activiz comes in two forms - Open-Source edition and supported edition and i found a big delta in the version number between them -
latest Open-Source version is 5.8.0.
latest Supported version is 9.0.1.

  1. where i can get the open source version - the only available download i found was the trial version of the supported release
  2. the x86 version of the supported release is not available too . only x64
  3. is the big delta in version number between the open source and the supported one yield to difference in the capabilities of the libraries ?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Kitware switched to another tool for generating the C# wrapper code after VTK 5.8

The open source generation method, using Mummy, was dropped because gccxml could not be built with Visual Studio after about 2010. I pushed some changes to the Mummy repository to allow it to work with CastXML so you can build up to version 7 yourself if you hunt around on the internet for instructions.

Otherwise you have to pay an annual license for more recent versions.

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Thanks for your interest in ActiViz.

  1. The open source version should still be available as a NuGet package on
  2. Only the x64 version is provided for trial, but you also receive the x86 version when purchasing a license.
  3. Version 5.8.0 is 10 years old so there are many improvements and new features that are only available with 9.1.0

Otherwise you have to pay an annual license for more recent versions

Just to make it clear, when you purchase an ActiViz license, you receive the latest version and you are allowed to redistribute it without any limitation in time. You need to purchase a new license after a year only if you want the newest release.

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