question about the last reslice of vtkResliceImageViewer

I’m using vtkResliceImageViewer to show the volume image. I set the viewer to the oblique mode. There are 192 slices in the sagittal direction. When I scroll the viewer to the image by mouse wheel, I can’t get the 192th slice, but only get the 191th slice as the last one. I confirm that I scroll the mouse wheel to the last slice. I check the source code in vtkResliceImageViewer.cxx. The function IncrementSlice(), which is called in Execute() in the class vtkResliceImageViewerScrollCallback. The following source, which casue me confused.

The bounds of the image is (0, 191, 0, 255, 0, 255). The spacing of the image is (1, 1, 1). When the cursor is at the 192th slice, the c value I get is (191.501, 127.5, 127.5). I know the bounds is different from the actual extent of the image. When I try to scroll to the actual last slice(try to get the 192th slice), the c[ 0 ] is more than bounds[ 1 ] (191.501>191)(The if statement in line590). So the next step can not go into the line 594. Instead of calling SetCenter(), it return out of the function directly. I guess that’s why I can not get 192th slice, and only get the 191th slice as the last slice. If I was wrong, please let me know.

So, I really want to use vtkResliceImageViewer to show the image. I still want to use the oblique mode and default interaction because it’s very convienious. But how to get and show the actual last slice successfully? If anyone can give me some tips, I will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.