Questions about using VTK in 32-bit programming

I have a question about using VTK in 32-bit programming.
I understand that there is a limit to the handling of medical images in 32bit.
If a 3D image is created using a vtkMarchingCube for a high-capacity image in a 32-bit program, memory allocation fails and crashes.
Is there a way to safely throw an exception without causing a crash in this case? (Or is there a way to avoid allocating memory?)
There is no way I can control it externally since it is allocating memory inside the VTK library.


It is practically impossible to check every memory allocation and handle the error gracefully. If you must work on a severely memory-constrained system then one simple workaround is to crop/resample the input data to a size that you know your system can safely handle. There are lots of techniques to reduce memory usage but they would be so expensive to develop them that it would only pay off if you sold thousands of systems. What platform are you working on?

I am developing an application in C ++ in a Windows 32bit environment.