QVTKInteractorAdapter Deprecation issues

As it says in the deprecated list:
Member [QVTKOpenGLWindow::GetInteractorAdapter] in VTK 9.0 [QVTKInteractorAdapter] is an internal helper.
My project was made in VTK 8.1 version.However, due to some issues, we needed to make use of newer version of VTK. And use was made of methods:

QVTKInteractorAdapter::SetDevicePixelRatio(float ratio, vtkRenderWindowInteractor* iren)

I can’t run my project since it says “QVTKOpenGLWindow.cxx:329 WARN| QVTKOpenGLWindow::GetInteractorAdapter was deprecated for VTK 9.0 and will be removed in a future version”.
Which is the correct replacement for this methods?
Best regards.