QVTKWidget is in vtk no longer supported?

I configured the vtk environment for my new computer today, so I downloaded the latest vtk version and I found that the code (base on 8.1) wrote before doesn’t work,
it shows : qvtkwidget.h no such file or directory

And i checked in Cmake-gui the Qt-group option is checked, but still no qvtkwidget.h. I search the vtk
resource files and there is also no qvtkwidget.h.

Has it been replaced by some new Class, and how can I change the previous object which initialized by qvtkwidget ?


I have the same confusion about QVTKWidget until I read this post.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


That is really helpful !
Thank you !

This post is a little bit outdated sadly. See here :


this site can’t be reached…
is there any other post to read??

hi @yoonguusong ,

The link work fine here.