QVTKWidgetPlugin not found after upgrede to vtk9

hello, i’m trying to upgrade my vtk libraries for my project from version 8.2 to 9.0, but i had some issues while compiling them. In my project i’m also using qt libraries (v5.13.1). i suppose i haven’t correctly generate project for vtk libraries. Installation of vtk libraries finishes successfully, but i couldn’t find QVTKWidgetPlugin.dll anywhere. i’m also able to generate solution for my project succesfully, but i am not able to compile it, because i’m getting these warnings and errors.


QVTKWidgetPlugin is not something you use with your application ,it is for QtDesigner alone. You errors appear to be conencted with IO modules maybe not enabled when building VTK. Inspect the VTK config in cmake-gui; names of modules has changed!