Read a multi-frames DICOM dataset with VTK


With vtkDICOMImageReader() I tried to read a single 3D DICOM file. Unfortunately, this reader does not handle multi-frames DICOM datasets (as documented, which I think I have. How can I read a multi-frames DICOM dataset with VTK?

This don’t gives an error code, but when rendering, also don’t give an output visualization.
import vtk

dir = “soure to directory”
reader = vtk.vtkDICOMImageReader()

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@dgobbi’s vtk-dicom module should be able to read these images.

It would probably make sense to deprecate VTK’s built-in DICOM reader and instead enable vtk-dicom module by default.

Thank you.

As I forgot to mention, I want to code in Python instead of c++. Is this also possible with the vtk-dicom or another reader?

vtk-dicom provides Python wrapping, but I don’t now if it is available on the Python Package Index or elsewhere.

If you work with medical imaging in Python then I would recommend to consider using a Python environment built specifically for this, such as 3D Slicer. It has lots of DICOM import/export tools, not just for images but for segmentation, registration, structured reports, RT objects, etc., lots of visualization and processing options, etc. You can run any Python scripts as in a generic Python environment and you can install all packages from the Python Package, but you also get lots of additional features.