Rendering Objects in Raspberry Pi 4 FAILED

Hi :wave: :grinning:
I installed the vtk 9 with following steps:
$ git clone
$ cd vtk
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ make -j4
$ sudo make install
it completely installed
I install the opengl successful and I able to run examples of opengl with this commands
$ glxheads
$ glxgears
and it runs with no problem
but when I trying to run simple example of VTK (like: CylinderExample) it gives me a looottt of errors which I don’t know what that is :roll_eyes: :frowning_face: :hot_face::
this is my errors:

and this


1: Raspberry pi 4
2: RAM: 8GB
3: OS: Ubuntu 20
4: GCC: 11.4
5: clang: 15
6: cmake: 3.22
7: VTK: 9

I try to build with clang compiler but no change anything…
what is the problem exactly ?


I never tested VTK in a Raspberry before, so here’s my two cents: have you made sure you have the latest graphics drivers installed? This applies to either the onboard graphics hardware or an external graphics card you may be using.



Hi @Paulo_Carvalho

  • yes all graphic drivers are successfully installed and I make sure there are latest update.
  • I see other people that runs vtk and render more complex objects in raspberry pi.

From a technical perspective, you should be able to render most content on Raspberry Pi because it uses GLES 3.0 and VTK supports that. You really only needed to configure and build VTK with the correct flags.

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