Retrieving the Colours from a vtkProbeFilter result.

Hello everyone,
I’m a bit confused figuring this out, I’ve got a vtkProbeFilter am working with. I have its input data set to a polydata (that has points, strips and normals only), and its source connection from the output of a vtkImageBlend (this has been setup to contain, an image data, lookuptable, an imagecolormap). vtkImageBlend is correctly setup.

  • prober->SetInputData(polydata);
  • prober->SetSourceConnection(blender->GetOutputPort());

with this, my intention is to retrieve the result from the probe filter which if am correct should return a COLOURED polydata as in

  • prober->GetPolyDataOutput()

the confusion is how and where is the colour from the result stored. How do I proceed to fetching it?