Hello. I have a question.
The first screen capture is Slicer, and the second screen capture is my program.
The original image is Axial.

Q1. Why is Sagittal plane looking right instead of left in my program?

Q2. In 3D Slicer, Sagittal is tilted. What data does this relate to?

I used vtkImageFlip to orient it once.
What is missing from my program?

Thank you.

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Have you tried to flip it again that sagittal tile ?

Slicer displays in patient space by default. The MRI you are looking at was acquired obliquely.

Until recently, VTK has not supported non-axis-aligned images, so unless you use latest VTK and test and enhance your pipeline to fully support these kind of images, then most likely your software displays the data set incorrectly.

When applying the original image, flip was used because the axial and coronal directions in vtk were incorrect. As a result, the axial and coronal were right, but the sagittal was wrong.
I don’t know how to do additional orientation correction.
If A is right, B will be incorrect, and if B is right, A will not be right. What should I do?

No flip >

You can flip the normals or rotate axes of slice views, to flip/rotate a single view.

Note that the problems that you are struggling with are all solved many years ago in numerous open-source medical imaging software that you can just take and freely customize and enhance. Redeveloping basic features is useful as a learning exercise but when you feel ready to do real work then choose a software platform that provides most features that you need and build on that.

I know what you’re talking about
However, my project doesn’t need all the features of an application like 3D Slicer or MITK, and I need a small program suitable for the UI design of my project.
This is why it is necessary to solve this problem.
VTK beginners are very hard to develop, so help is urgent.

It is much easier to disable/hide features that you don’t need than to redevelop all features you need.

It is common for software developers to think that their application will be something simple, providing only a few features. However, the truth is that unless your project dies, you will need to keep adding more features. Existing application platforms already contain all the basic features that you need in the foreseeable future. If you don’t have to worry about redeveloping and maintaining basic features, then you can spend much more time on creating new, valuable functionalities that make a difference.

Are there any existing projects using VTK except 3D Slicer and MITK?
Thank you for answer.

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Thank you. :wink: