Seed Widget and Seed Representation

Hi vtk users and developers
I’m using Seed widget to create and move points around. The problem is point picking after they are created. If I have two points close next to each other (they don’t overlap) and press on the second one first one is picked although the cursor is positioned at the top of the second point. I tried to set tolerance but for some reason it doesn’t make any difference no mother what value I use.
I also tried to change SetHotSpotSize but no change. See attached image, Green point is selected but mouse cursor is on top of the red one. I know I can always zoom in more but that’s not the solution.
I tried to use vtkSphereHandleRepresentation and vtkPointHandleRepresentation3D for handle, result is the same.
Just to mention I’m using Activiz and vtk version 6.3
Thanks for any advice


By default, the “top-most” widget is picked but if you enable using picking manager in your widgets then the closest one will be picked.

But that’s not the case, it didn’t pick the one under neat the cursor, but the point created first. I’m not sure if I can access to the picking manager in ActiViz.