Seed widget with custom callback to get coordinates of dicom images


I need to get coordinates of dicom image using VTK and QT.
I tried SeedWidgetWithCustomCallback example from VTK examples. It gives me x, y coordinates of QWidget render window (OVTKWidget or QVTKOpengl).
My dicom image displays at around center of render window. The dicom image is 512512 originally, but in render window, it seems compressed less than 512512 size.
When I click on image several times, coordinates seems correct, but that does not help in further segmentation procedure.

So i have questions,

  1. Is SeedWidgetWithCustomCallback good option to get coordinates of dicom image in QT gui application? Or is there any better option available?
  2. Does SeedWidgetWithCustomCallback gives correct dicom coordinates generally? Can I use it in my segmentation directly? Or do I have to transform it into something else? and how?

Please someone help me to get solutions.
Thank you in advance.

Hello, Pooja, g’day,

What do you mean by


Can you post some figures illustrating the issue?

kind regards,