Sharing vtkGlyph3DMapper.

Hi everyone,

I’m working with a large set of data (voxels) which I group together and have rendered using vtkGlyph3DMapper attached to an actor in a scene. However, the process of generating these points and creating the Glyph3DMapper can be quite intensive (am handling points within the range of at lease 950,000 ~ 1million voxels). An idea is to create these voxel data, attach to a vtkGlyph3DMapper for i.e a Scene, and other scenes that require displaying these voxel data can reuse the same vtkGlyph3DMapper. Technically the mapper is attached to an Actor in Scene-A, to another actor in Scene B, and C if needed.
This brings me to my main question, is it possible to do this as I seem to be running into an issue whereby having successfully attached it to Scene A’s actor, trying to do the same for Scene B I get this vtkError message (attempt to add attribute without a handleless buffer for attribute GCMCMatrix). I don’t quite understand what this error means, I did have a look briefly at the code. I would appreciate if anyone could give me a hand.

You can share data objects, properties, lookup tables, etc., but I don’t think you can share actor or mappers between different renderers.

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Thanks Andras,
I suspected this was the issue, that probably explains the error I’m getting. I guess in that case the use of different actors that use the same mapper with different renderers wouldn’t work either.