Size of the line in a vtksplinewidget2 depends on the viewport size. How to fix the size

Hello, I am rendering a spline widget in two different viewers. One viewer is made by different viewports and the other has only one in the render windows. I have two spline widgets created in the same way but the result is two splines with different width of line. I have tried all to get the same size setting the spline representation properties and setting the widht to a bigger value or to render it as a tube option of the spline widget. But I haven´t been lucky. Someone knows how to fix the size of the line independently of the size of the render windows or the viewports?.

Thank you very much

I show you the problem in my image. The one with only one viewport is bigger than the render windows divided in 5 viewports:


Would you like to specify spline curve thickness in screen space (so that when you zoom in/out the thickness remains the same) or in physical space (wo that when you zoom in then the line becomes thicker)? Do you need to show the curve only in slice views or also in 3D views, too?

Hi thank you for answering. I would like the line in screen space to remain the same independently of the zoom, and the viewport size. Thanks. But I cannot manage that.

Probably you need to get the viewport size and use to scale your line size.

Hi, As it hasn´t a simple solution, I think I will use an actor. With it, I can control the thickness easily and If i need to move it I will apply a widget to it. Thank you very much