Smoothing of vtkUnstructuredGrids

Hello all,
This post is following my discussion in the slicer forum in the link below:
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I want to find a way for smoothing of vtkUnstructredGrids.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

AFAIK there is no smoothing filter for unstructured grids. Of course we could add one, but it would be tricky to add because of the many topological cell types in VTK - some cell types could easily be invalidated by incorrect movement of their points. Do you have a particular cell type in mind, e.g., textrahedra or hexahedra? That would simplify matters.

Thanks for your response @will.schroeder.
My mesh has tetrahedra elements.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here’s one approach: 1) identify 1-2 desirable smoothing algorithms - latest and greatest. 2) implement the algorithm yourself, and/or find someone in the community who can do it or can guide you through the implementation.

In other words, since most people on this discourse list are slammed with work, you can help by doing background work, and then help coordinate the effort.

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