Streamlines not working

So I have a vti file which I read with vtkXMLImageDataReader and then used the vtkImageDataGeometryFilter on the Output. I used the vtkArrayCalculator to get vectors instead of three seperate scalars and on this new vector I calculated the magnitude. I set the vector active as vectors and the magnitude active as scalars. But everything on the pointdata. My glyphfilter is working fine but the streamtracer is not. So I checked the Number of Cells (imageDataGeometryFilter->GetOutput()->GetNumberOfCells():wink: and this gives me the same amount as Points which I know is wrong. So I think because of the geometry filter the cell structure is lost.
So here is my question:
Is there an easy way for me to also get the cells, because I do not want to build them with e.g. Delaunay3D as the original data set has cells?

Thank you for any help in advance!

I solved the problem by giving the ImageData with the added arrays, which I calculated, directly into the Streamtracers filter (as input).