subdivision and self-intersection


I’m trying to make a boundary surface mesh from rt structure.
My surface mesh is not appropriately smoothed, so I’m about to use a subdivision filter for that.
What I consider is that the subdivision filter checks self-intersection of the surfaces which consists of several materials.
I’m looking forward to your answer.


What do you mean by “rt structure”? DICOM RTSTRUCT (radiation therapy structure set)? How do you create a surface from the planar contour set?

Subdivision filter does not do smoothing or care about self-intersections. Instead, would recommend using windowed sinc smoothing filter for polydata smoothing. If you want to apply very strong smoothing then you can merge points before you apply the smoothing filter.

In 3D Slicer we work a lot with DICOM RTSTRUCT and developed specialized algorithms (mostly relying on VTK filters) to convert and smooth such data sets, so if you work with this kind of data then probably you are better off using these instead of redeveloping from scratch.