Surface LIC python

Dear everyone,

I would need to systematically produce LICs from randomly generated velocity fields in python, which I am doing now modifying a third party library

I have seen that Paraview has a plugin to do so, wanted to implement it in my code without firing paraview and I found out it’s just all VTK calls. So I thought it could be more efficient to call VTK directly for that…

I would now have a velocity field in terms of two matrices, U and V, and each entry corresponds to a point in space (ca. 1700x800), my goal would be to have vtk in python to output a LIC picture

Actually I am using my script to produce huge amounts of data, so I might also be a bit concerned on about how long it takes to load the matrices, produce the LIC and save it as now I am at 2.5s/image and it would be a problem to double that time

Thanks you