Synchronize windows level of vtkResliceImageViewer with multiple renderers

Hi !!

I have N slices in a layout shown in a single windows at the same time all slices. This layout is a vtkResliceImageViewer and each slice is a new renderer that is set up in a part of the viewport from the same viewer.

The images are shown in the right position. But the problem that the windows level only affects the actor in the main renderer. That is, vtkResliceImageViewer with multiple renderers when i change the windows level, it only affect to the main renderer. I tried to change it directly the windows level from the actor but it is a different color to other vtkResliceImageViewer viewers that i have showing in other windows.

I wonder if i can synchronize the windows level of each renderer in a viewer or i need to compute its viewer for each slice in the layout.