Texture buffer size error

Hey VTK community,

python: 3.9.12
vtk: 9.1.0

I am rendering a large mesh and am getting the following error:

vtkTextureObject.cxx:1025 ERR| vtkTextureObject (0x55c39d370ab0): Attempt to use a texture buffer exceeding your hardware's limits. This can happen when trying to color by cell data with a large dataset. Hardware limit is 65536 values while 321512 was requested.

Googling, this seems to seems to be related to Mesa OpenGL. I tried updating those without any change to the error.

Has anybody seen this before or know what to do? Can one turn texturing off in VTK?


As the error states, this is because the color map is exceeding the maximum texture size that your GPU driver can allocate. To disable color mapping, do something like mapper->SetScalarVisibility(false) in your pipeline.

Note that this is caused by an artificially low limit in mesa has been drastically increased in more recent mesa with this merge request: llvmpipe: increase PIPE_CAP_MAX_TEXTURE_BUFFER_SIZE value (!9750) · Merge requests · Mesa / mesa · GitLab

Thanks for responding Sankhesh. I am intentionally coloring the scalars for this figure so I need to leave that on.

Thanks for responding Cory. It sounds like I just need wait for the fix to make it downstream.