The code execution cannot proceed because the following dlls were not found

I wanted to test vtk-9.3 with an example. Example here. But when I opened .exe I got the following errors:

. There is an issue with vtkRenderingFreeType, vtkInteractionStyle, vtkRenderingCore, vtkRenderingOpenGL2. How can I fix them?

Add VTK binary dir to your PATH PATH (variable) - Wikipedia

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I’ve already added vtk\bin to PATH, but it does not work.

reboot your computer.

I’ve seen that logging out and back in or restarting the explorer process from task manager refreshes the path.

A good dependency tracker can often help, because sometimes Windows reports a missing DLL, when the DLL is truly there, but can’t be loaded.

But still, the best place to start is to be 100% sure PATH is set correctly. Simple test from CMD:

echo %PATH%

Another test is to copy CylinderExample.exe into the same directory as the VTK DLLs, and then try to run it from there. This should work even if PATH is not set. And if it does not work, you know that PATH is not the only problem.


Didn’t know the old depends.exe had an open source modern alternative!

And it can even be used from the command line :slight_smile: