The differences between VTKPythonPackage and VTK Python Wrapper.


It seems there are two methods for building the VTK interface for python. One is VTKPythonPackage and the other is VTK Python Wrapper. What’s the differences between the above two method for interfacing VTK with python? Which one should I use?

For building VTK Python wheels, I’ve been told the following steps:

You’ll need to make the wheel using python bdist_wheel in the build tree once the VTK build is done. You can then pip install that wheel and mayavi should install just fine once you have it in your venv.

I’m still confused on the above method. To be more specific, where should I issue the python bdist_wheel command? And if I use this method, should I set the following option for cmake when compiling VTK:


Any hints for my questions?