The libproj library problem(VTK-9.2.2), MinGW

Dear VTK Users and Developers.

Recently, I encountered a problem in compiling VTK 9.2.2 source code with GCC 12. But before that, I encountered a problem that has been solved.

When the source code is compiled to 79%, the following problem occurs:

The following are similar errors until the compilation is interrupted:

My environment is as follows

When I use CMake to generate makefile files, I only set the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE
to Release

STRICT is a macro coming from…somewhere, probably a Windows header. I think we fixed this recently for Windows directly, but I suppose it needs tweaks for MinGW as well.

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Hi,Ben,Is it fixed?

Did you solve this problem?

No solution, I recommend using version 9.1.0 first

My dear friend, the source code of the latest version (master: 68f2a087b3e3daa) has just been compiled. This issue still exists.