The Website is not responding

Now (6th of Oct, 2023) I’m trying to read some documentation ( and the website is down ( refused to connect). What is going on? Cyber attack or maintenance?

Updated: the website is back again, after 10 minutes. What caused the interruption? Shall I take security measures (changing passwords and whatnot), or it was maintenance?

12:13 UTC it ( is down for me as well - however this link works:
VTK documentation

VTK documentation seems to work perfectly, as well as VTK: VTK 9.3.20231006 Documentation

What do you expect behind ?

I updated my comment. I know it’s back again, but why it did happen (if it was a cyber attack, I have to change my password etc.)? What I’m expecting from the you asked, I shortened the address to type it in the forum without copy-pasting (laziness). I was trying to access VTK: vtkThreshold Class Reference and the web page was down.

It was not an attack but an issue in our network.

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Thank you, and have a nice day.