Tick lines with vtkScalarBarActor

Is it possible to draw tick lines with the vtkScalarBarActor? Every example I’ve seen with VTK does not have tick lines. It’s odd to me that the method vtkScalarBarActor.SetDrawTickLabels exists to draw the labels but no “ticks” are shown.

ParaView has tick lines - is this from a custom class in ParaView?:


It doesn’t work indeed. It’s a bug. Tested with C++.

Bug reported: https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/issues/17751

Thanks for raising that issue in the repo, @Paulo_Carvalho

Is it a bug or just a feature that was never introduced?

For me, a public API that doesn’t do as documented is a bug. You’re welcome.

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@banesullivan I dissected ParaView scalar bar widget (which is superior to the one bundled with VTK): https://github.com/embeddedmz/ParaViewScalarBarWidget and I successfully used it with a VTK project (vtkMap).

Ah this is awesome! thanks @embeddedmz

Now I’m wondering if i can compile that against the VTK-python bindings… to have something usable in a Python environment