Touchscreen Pan Gesture

I see indications in the documentation and online that there is touchscreen gesture recognition in VTK. However, I can’t seem to find detailed information on how to get this to work. Even when using the vtkInteractorStyleMultiTouchCamera interactor, there appears to be no way to pan the camera on the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 by dragging various combinations of fingers.

I’m using Python 3.7 VTK 8.1.2 with a wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor

I wonder if something is converting or downgrading these gestures into mouse events before VTK even sees it?

We have recently implemented multi-touch gestures (pinch, zoom, pan) in 3D Slicer, both on Windows and touchpad on Mac, for Qt-based applications. We integrated most of the necessary changes into VTK about a year ago but later we found a few more issues (inconsistent event position scaling, etc.). We plan to contribute back fixes for these issues into VTK soon (in a few weeks) and we will also add a simple test/example. If you do not want to wait that much then then you may have a look at the changes in VTK fork of @Sunderlandkyl.

My application is wxWidgets based. Maybe I can use your Qt work as a guide.