trame multi-user setting

Dear vtk support,

First of all, thanks for providing these wonderfull tools. Currently I am using trame to create a web app to similar things like cloud-based FEM simulation. For multi-user support, I found some materials for vtk.js and paraviewweb like this post. How can I related these with trame? It will be great if you could guide with some suggestions/hints.

Best regards!
Jack Shen

Thanks for trying out trame with vtk. The trame-cookiecutter provide a docker image to handle multi-client. You can find another simple example here.

The provided examples don’t include VTK or remote rendering support. For that you will need to have vtk with egl or osmesa (ParaView runtime can be use for that purpose as well). When using egl, you need to use a glvnd base docker image. Some initial documentation on how to use those docker images are available here.

You can find another setup using ParaView/EGL here as well.



Dear Sebastien, Thanks for your quick reply. I will have a try with your suggestions first.