Enable Multi-User int VTK.js

Hi there again,
I keep studying vtk.js and I’m trying to understand how to implement a Multi-User server.
I followed this example which help me for creating:
-front end (written in vue)
-backend written in Python (actually this is the Python Server. I collague of mine customized the py code a little bit to let it works as remote server)

Everything is working fine, the only issue I’m experiencing is: it seems that only one user (at time) is allowed to connect.
If I open another brower and try to connect at the same url address, the python server unexpectedly exits (without show any error…).
So I think that: if I’m able to implement a multi-user feature, the problem could be fixed. Here there is a setup guide for paraviewweb. I don’t know if it could be useful for vtk.js as well, but basically I don’t see a “real connection” between that guide and vtk.js server.

Thanks for your time and patience.


ParaView and VTK for doing remote rendering for multi-users rely on wslink and its launcher to start a new process per connecting user.

When using the SmartConnect on the client side, it will first try to reach the launcher unless a sessionURL is provided in the connection configuration like you can see here.

You can see the setup that we use to support multiple users in that docker configuration.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that you can replace the ParaView application (pvpython) by your VTK application (vtkpython).


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