Unexpected behavoir of FindCellsWithinBounds.

It seems that when the cell size is similar to or larger than one of the dimensions of the bounds, FindCellsWithBounds for the various cell locators returns cells that are outside the bounds. Is this expected behavior, and if so is it documented anyway? Below is an example. The transparent pillar is the bounds passed to FindCellsWithBounds, and the cells returned are marked in red.

I am afraid that I don’t know the expected and/or appropriate behavior of FindCellsWithinBounds, but it seems that the result of vtkCellTreeLocator is better than other cell locators in my test.
FindCellIsWithinBound.7z (18.7 KB)

  • vtkStaticCellLocator
    number of cells per node: default(35)

  • vtkStaticCellLocator
    number of cells per node: 1

  • vtkCellTreeLocator
    number of cells per node: 2

Could you try with vtkCellTreeLocator?