Unknown CMake command "vtk_module_autoinit"

I downloaded VTK-8.2 and wanted to test it with an example. Example: here. But I can not configure my project. An error occurs: CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:28 (vtk_module_autoinit):
Unknown CMake command “vtk_module_autoinit”. CMake version: 3.28. How can I fix this?

The examples have all been updated to work with VTK 9. If you don’t need vtk 8 for some other reason, upgrading to vtk 9 will fix your problem.

The reason I installed VTK-8.2 is because I got a bunch of errors in VTK-9.3 when building VTK.sln. How can I fix them?

What version of 9.3? Does 9.3.0 have this problem? Does it reproduce with the Ninja generator? Did you change any implicit array backend options?

Nevermind, I see VTK-9.3 VTK.sln build failed now

I’m having same issue here when test with “Arrow” sample.
VTK-9.3 having bunch of errors related to linking issue like what Silokhin see.
VTK-8.2 will have CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:29 (vtk_module_autoinit):
Unknown CMake command “vtk_module_autoinit”. CMake version 3.27.7.
Anyone can help?

The vtk_module_autoinit API was introduced in VTK 8.90 (9.0-prerelease). See these docs.