UnsatisfiedLinkError in commandline not in eclipse

Hi there,
I am testing the example “ReleaseVtkPanel.java” by Sebastien Jourdain. It works as desired under eclipse and also as an exported jar-file, if you start it with a double click.
But if I start the jar from the command line I get an UnsatisfiedLinkError. The vtk elements are apparently not recognized.

Any ideas?

ReleaseVtkPanel.java (3.7 KB)
vtk-test.jar (2.7 MB)

You need to set your %PATH% to add the directory that contains the VTK .dll files or provide that information to java via the java.library.path property.

My PATH variable is set, but the mentioned error only occurs when using the command line.
By double clicking on the exported JAR the application works as desired.

Why are the corresponding dll’s not found when using the command line?

Is the manifest providing that information when running from the jar?
Is the path different in one use case vs the other?

I’m not sure how thing get populated (manifest or else), but this is a requirement.