Update of WIKI on building VTK in visual studio

Hi there,

I just went through the wiki (https://vtk.org/Wiki/VTK/Building/Windows) on building VTK on windows using visual studio. I had quite some trouble getting it all to work. Especially as the last step (install) required me to run visual studio as administrator.

I would like to update the wiki and make it a bit easier to follow but I do not know how to request an account…

Thanks for the offer - any improvements that make it easier for newcomers to build VTK is very welcome. It seems that account creation is disabled for the VTK wiki - hopefully wiki admins will tell you how to proceed.

You don’t need to install VTK. You can run it from the build tree.

If for some reason you want to install it then you can set the destination (CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX CMake variable) to a folder that your user has write access to. Then you don’t need to run install step as an admin.

Ruben, thanks for your willingness to update the build instructions.

You know what would be better than updating the wiki? It would be great if you could take the wiki page and make a markdown file in the VTK repository itself. See, for example, ParaView’s build page here: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/blob/master/Documentation/dev/build.md

It would be a fantastic contribution if you added that to VTK by submitting a merge request at gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/


Cory, glad to help.

I’ve created a .md file in /Documentation/dev , just like in paraview and gave it the name build_windows_vs.md


As Visual Studio / Windows users my be not too familiar with cmake etc. I’ve tried to write out all the steps.

I would like to include some screen-shots in the build instructions. Is there a specific location in the repository where I can place static images? Or do we place them outside the repo and link to them?

Cool, thanks. When you push your merge request, please tag me to review (@cory.quammen

I’d say it’s okay to have a few images in a subdirectory named img or images.

Merge request submitted.