use vtk8.2.0 for the project which was developed based on VTK5.8 before

Hi All,
I used VTK5.8 in my project before and want to replace it with VTK8.2. How to build VTK8.2 to make it back compatible, so I do not need to make many codes change.

Thanks a lot.


Maybe the easiest would be to port your code incrementally, to each version of VTK from 5.8. This way can see and fix deprecated API. Otherwise when jumping over that many versions you’ll just see missing API.

git tag will show you all versions.

You can upgrade your code in the following loop:

while next version is less than 8.2

  • git checkout next version

  • fix all deprecation for that version and eventually test your code.


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Thanks a lot, Dan.