use vtkTextActor to display chinese

I’m a chinese developer, I want to display chinese. when I set font size less than 18, it won’t display.Only font size greater than 18 display. How can i display chinese with font size less than 18?

Here is my code.

std::string text = "华文仿宋中文字体测试";

this->text_->GetTextProperty()->SetColor(0, 0, 0);

Does the font support such sizes in the first place? Could it be DPI-related in that low-DPI doesn’t support the detail needed for characters at that size (sorry, not very well-versed in such glyphs in practice)?

Maybe showing that freetype can do such font sizes at all (outside of VTK) would be useful. This library seems useful for that: freetype-py · PyPI

thank you! I have solved it.

For posterity and to help others that may encounter the same issue, do you mind sharing your solution?

yes I just embed font family file into exe.
I refer this blog

Here is my code.
firstly,we need get our resource.

#include "simsun.h"
FILE* tempfile = fopen("simsun.ttc", "wb");
fwrite(simsun_ttc, sizeof(char), simsun_ttc_len, tempfile);

And then read resource.

fstream fontfil;,ios::in);
if (!fontfile)
	cout << "Wrong path!" << endl;

Finally apply it into textactor


It’s works for me.