Using 3Dxconnection space mouse (tdx), events are not triggering and device not working

Hi, we are planning to integrate 3DX spacemouse device to our VTK based QT application,
I followed the tutorial from here

i set the iren->SetUseTDx(true) and all but it seems like the events are not trigger, or maybe the device does not work at all.
In this article
it says, build VTK with VTK_USE_TDx to true when building but I cant find that option in Cmake for version 9.1.0 or 8.2.0. Im using the CMake app in windows 10.

What am I missing here? Is the support for SpaceNavigator for VTK not yet available on main releases?

how can i check what is wrong or erros on my integration?
device is ok alright, it is new and it detects on other test applications but not on my application that uses VTK.

or does 3DX space mouse navigation not supported with VTK yet? but i think spacemouse is spacenavigator just renamed or something.

Any advice?

3D connection is not supported by VTK anymore, see here for more info: