Using a C# VTK for Windows application through a browser

I am trying to build a version of my C# (VS 2022) that can run through a browser using Cybelesoft’s Thinfinity Virtual UI. The vtkrendered windows do not work (simply not rendered). Has anybody else tried this? Is there any obvious impediment to this working (like the fact that VTK is written in C++ and uses OPenGL - rather than being .NET?)?

Thanks in advance for any insights.


Maybe @LucasGandel has insights ?

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Unfortunately I don’t have experience with Thinfinity Virtual UI and it’s not obvious to understand what they support just by looking at the documentation.
In the requirements section, the following statement seems to indicate that Virtual UI has incomplete support for advanced 3D graphics:

The application can use .NET WPF, GDI, GDI+, and limited DirectX calls.

If you are using the Activiz RenderWindowControl in a windows form application, then it might be because we use the window handle (HWND) to redirect the VTK render window. Such handle are probably not available when running in a browser.

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Thank you Mathieu and Lucas,

I found references to WebGL online. Is there any version of VTK objects that use this for rendering? (And would that solve it?).

Or, is there a way of deriving a new VTK class that could circumvent this issue. In the context of virtualisation, what is the correct architecture to use VTK through a browser currently?

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