Using PickList with vtkHardwareSelector

When picking an actor with a vtkRenderer one can use a list of props to choose from

renderer->PickPropFrom(x, y, propCollection);

But when one uses vtkHardwareSelector for manual implementations, this option seems to be lacking.
One way to go about this would be to manually set the pickList, which is a protected attribute called PickFromProps - the vtkHardwareSelector uses the call to Render() in the implementation, a method inside which the renderer chooses to use the PickFromProps if the selector has been set. But I cannot find a way to do so (manually set the PickFromProps before using the vtkHardwareSelector). Hence this seems not to be a valid way to go about.

In other words, is it possible to leverage the utility of vtkHardwareSelector, while constraining the list of props it will be selecting from? How can this be accomplished?

I thank you in advance