UWP (C++) Render Window Wrapper

Hi everybody,

I am new to VTK and currently working with Qt and QVTKOpenGLNativeWidget. Everything works as expected. My question is that, is there also a wrapper for UWP (C++) platform?

Kind regards

There is no such wrapper in VTK. Does UWP require wrapping though ?

Maybe it doesn’t require a wrapper, but i didn’t also see an example working with UWP. My intention was to get info whether VTK can also run somehow on UWP (C++) platform or not.

I’m not sure anyone tried that. Please do and let us know of your findings.

Yes sure, I will share my findings.

The main problem is that handling vtkRenderWindow as “Widget” to put in UWP environment as “UserContol”. if we would have a wrapper for RenderWindow that support somehow UWP, it would be perfect.