Visualization of 2D height point data.

I have height point data that shape of 2D matrix.
Which is best way to visualize that data.

Hi, friend,

Do you wish to view it as a “heat map” 2D image, as a 3D surface or as contour lines?



Thanks, Paulo.

I want to view as 3D surface my data like the below image.
My data consists of float array value and it has different row spacing and col spacing.

So I try to use vtkImageData, but I don’t know how to do that.
Is it right way or not? Do I need another data object?


Hello, friend,

Please, take a look at this code: . Look for a method called buildForSurfaceCartesianGrid2D(). A 2D Cartesian grid is exactly an array of values like yours. This will build a surface from your data.



You could try something like this: InterpolateMeshOnGrid. I’m pretty sure the gridActor is the one you want. So comment out the line:


The randomActor is just the surface.

Comment out:

gridActor->GetProperty()->SetColor(0.0, 0.0, 1.0); //(R,G,B)

and set:


This will give you a rather garish default height map. You can improve this by using color maps etc.

Once you are happy with what you are doing, look at a really complex example: ElevationBandsWithGlyphs

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