Visualize Cutplane Edges

Hello everyone,

I am currently finetuning the visualization of a vector field cut plane. What I try to accomplish is the visualization of the cut plane’s edges and only the edges. So far, I tried to visualize the cut plane via a PolyDataMapper for which I set the EdgeVisibility to on. This results in the full plane being displayed:

I figured an OutlineFilter might solve the issue but if the cut plane has an orientation with more than one component != 0, the outline shows not the frame of the plane but a surrounding box (white wires in the figure):

I thought of using a PlaneSource but it can only be defined via an origin and additional points, or an orientation. So, I see no possibility to give it constrains that restrict it to the inner of the cut object.
Thus, I ask you kind people for help, since I got no clue how to continue from here on.

One option is to pass the cut plane poly data through a vtkFeatureEdges. Show only the “boundary edges” of the cut plane (and of course use a mapper and actor to display the boundary edges).

Works like a charm.
Thanks alot.