VTK 8.2 with Gallium Driver SWR fails with vtkOpenGLSphereMapper

I tried to use vtkAtoms which uses vtkOpenGLSphereMapper inside. On the new VTK 8.2 they are using a geometry shader. Using Mesa 17 with the llvmpipe driver works perfectly. But when changing to the SWR driver it fails at linking stating that the maximum number of uniforms is surpassed.

Is this a known issue?
If not, which is the base support for shaders? As far as I know, glsl140 should be supported, but the geometry shader should be available only in 150 and above.

Can someone help me with this?

@ken-martin Do you know this or any similar issue?

I have not heard of this before. At one point I know the SWR folks ran the VTK tests to make sure their renderer was working with VTK. I’ll see if I can point this out to one of the SWR folks and see if they have any ideas.

Hi Ken,
Debugging the code differences I got that MESA 17.1 has the Geometry Shader code in, but no 17.0. That seems to be my issue. I’m building MESA 17.1 to test it.

Thanks for looking into this anyway.