vtk 9.0 build error

I tried to compile VTK 9.0 on VS2017 and combine QT for visualization, but I built many times, only to find that there was no QVTKWidgetPlugin.dll.
I used CMake3.18.2 and QT 5.12.3.

The plugin was removed in Feb 2020 via https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/commits/2f06700a831736143629f48bbc53137dc00acd5f. No changelog mentions the change though, sorry about that.

@mwestphal Do you remember why it was removed?

How does VTK currently work with QT?

The plugin’s main use is for use by Qt Designer. Other than that, it’s just normal C++ libraries.


Complementing Ben’s answer, that DLL is just to allow you design user interfaces in Qt Designer/Creator with the VTK canvas as an additional Qt widget. Without that, you have to add it programmatically. You still have VTK available for Qt-based programs.

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Are there any tutorials for using VTK with QT? Forgive me if I am new to this field. I have found some, but I am still confused.

This was a QT4 only plugin and afaik, it was not working and could not be built anymore on master when I removed it.

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Hello, Jone,

Please, take a look at this code: https://github.com/PauloCarvalhoRJ/cursoVTKgeo/tree/master/aulas_3dias/HelloVTK . It is the most basic VTK-Qt application that demonstrates how to integrate them. It has a separate window class that you can design in Qt Creator/Design. The comments are in Portuguese because it is for a course I taught in Brazil, but you can paste them into Google Translator to get them in English.

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Hi, Paulo,

Thank you very much for your help, I already know how to do it !

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