VTK 9.1 Edge actor overlay vs VTK 8.1

Hi !
I’ve tested the new 9.1.0 version and the good news is that one problem I mentioned in a previous post is well solved (https://discourse.vtk.org/t/hidden-edges-are-visible-on-vtk-9-0-0) I’m glad I can update my soft ^^!
Unfortunately I saw another behavior that differs of the previous vtk version I was using (the 8.1.2).
In my soft I use an actor to display edges of selected cells (edges are extracted with a vtkExtractEdges filter and outlined with a SetLineWidth = 2). As you can see on the picture below in vtk 8.1 the edges were fully visible and well overlayed but in vtk 9.1 the lines are partially masked and of course I would prefer to have the previous behavior ^^.


Does anybody knows if there is a parameter somewhere that I could use do recover the old behavior?
Thanks a lot!!

I reply to myself, it seems that the problem appears because my selection actor is in “SetRepresentationToWireframe”. And this is not mandatory because the “vtkExtractEdges” filter only produces lines in output.
So with the previous vtk version this was not problematic but with vtk 9.1 if I remove the wireframe representation the edge overlay is way better.