VTK 9.1: How to specify install dir for python modules?

Hi, currently, on Windows, python modules are installed in ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin/Lib/site-packages, which is not common. I would like to have them installed in ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib/site-packages but have not found a way to set this. Any hints?

Thanks, sophonet

Experiment with different values of VTK_PYTHON_SITE_PACKAGES_SUFFIX. I’m not sure if it will give you exactly what you need, but it’s the best place to start.

Thanks, David, indeed this was the solution. I was a bit hesitant first, since I think it is rather a package prefix than a suffix, and when starting with an absolute path starting with the content of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX I have received an error message that did not make sense, but eventually VTK_PYTHON_SITE_PACKAGES_SUFFIX="lib/site-packages"did the trick.