VTK 9.1 tests failing on Alpine Linux

When compiling and running the tests for VTK 9.1 on Alpine Linux, there are about 20 tests that fail, and they are the following:

230 - VTK::IOImportCxx-OBJImport-MixedOrder1 (Failed)
232 - VTK::IOImportCxx-OBJImport-MTLwithoutTextureFile (Failed)
543 - VTK::RenderingVolumeCxx-TestGPURayCastMapperRectilinearGrid (Failed)
635 - VTK::FiltersSelectionCxx-TestLinearSelector3D (Failed)
674 - VTK::FiltersHyperTreeCxx-TestHyperTreeGridBinaryEllipseMaterial (Failed)
681 - VTK::FiltersHyperTreeCxx-TestHyperTreeGridTernary3DAxisClipBox (Failed)
695 - VTK::FiltersHyperTreeCxx-TestHyperTreeGridTernary3DDualContour (Failed)
702 - VTK::FiltersHyperTreeCxx-TestHyperTreeGridTernary3DPlaneCutterDual (Failed)
712 - VTK::FiltersHyperTreeCxx-TestHyperTreeGridToDualGrid (Failed)
786 - VTK::RenderingOpenGL2Cxx-TestCoincident (Failed)
915 - VTK::ChartsCoreCxx-TestChartBadPoints (Failed)
919 - VTK::ChartsCoreCxx-TestChartMatrix (Failed)
921 - VTK::ChartsCoreCxx-TestChartMatrix3 (Failed)
962 - VTK::ChartsCoreCxx-TestPlotMatrix (Failed)
1150 - VTK::RenderingCoreCxx-TestEdgeFlags (Failed)
1190 - VTK::RenderingCoreCxx-TestTextureRGBADepthPeeling (Failed)
1280 - VTK::FiltersGeometryCxx-TestLinearToQuadraticCellsFilter (Failed)
1310 - VTK::FiltersGeneralCxx-TestDensifyPolyData (Failed)
1347 - VTK::FiltersGeneralCxx-TestYoungsMaterialInterface (Failed)

Most of are failing seem t be failing on image comparisons with minor differences, such as VTK::FiltersHyperTreeCxx-TestHyperTreeGridBinaryEllipseMaterial.
I am building VTK with the following configuration:

cmake -B build \
                -Wno-dev \
                -DCMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR=lib \
                -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON \
                -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr \
                -DVTK_USE_FFMPEG_ENCODER=ON \
                -DModule_vtkIOPDAL=ON \
                -DVTK_USE_LARGE_DATA=ON \
                -DVTK_QT_VERSION="5" \
                -DVTK_PYTHON_VERSION="3" \
                -DVTK_CUSTOM_LIBRARY_SUFFIX="" \
                -DVTK_INSTALL_INCLUDE_DIR=include/vtk \
                -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=None \
                -DVTK_MODULE_USE_EXTERNAL_VTK_hdf5=ON \
                -DVTK_MODULE_USE_EXTERNAL_VTK_netcdf=ON \

I think the most likely issue here is perhaps some version conflict with the external dependencies, but I don’t have a ton of experience working with VTK. Here is the test log produced with ctest -a --rerun-failed --output-on-failure.

This looks to be a known issue with some graphics drivers. I’ve seen this in our CI where vertical lines end up not rendering correctly. I haven’t had any luck tracking it down other than it was Linux-specific.

The issue is here, but the CDash links have expired since.

Cc: @ken-martin

That would make sense. I’m also running this in a CI context, using non-accelerated rendering with mesa-dri-gallium and running ctest with xvfb-run so that X is available.

What we do is just exclude tests that have these problems in our CI. I don’t think there’s been anyone that’s had time to investigate where the problem(s) actually lie (VTK, driver, or Mesa).