VTK 9.1 vtkResampleToImage() seg faults core dumps on CentOS 7

my python script fails with Segmentation fault (core dumped) when I try to convert an unstructured grid into a 3D volume using vtkResampleToImage()

import vtkmodules.all as vtk
 resample = vtk.vtkResampleToImage()
  resample.Update() # <=== crashes here

I’m using VTK 9.1 on CentOS 7 and Python 3.7.11.
The crashing happens when I increase the resolution of the 3D image towards the resolution of the source data. So it appears to be a memory-related issue.
i.e. it works when I specify a lower resolution, but we want to match the source resolution.
Although I have 256 Gigs of ram on the Linux workstation. It doesn’t appear to use up the memory when I watch in the Linux top command.
Any workarounds?